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Top Quality, High Protein Dry Dog & Puppy Food – The Benefits Plus Price & Ingredients Comparison

Take a look at the ingredients listed on the food you are currently feeding your dog. The first ingredient should be meat content. Compare the ingredients with the dog foods listed here.

Royal Dogs And Puppies

The Best Dry Food To Feed Your Dog/Puppy For Optimal Health & Nutrition

I had to share this amazing food with you as it is hands down the best dry dog food on the market!

BARF Raw Feeding Guide – Amount To Feed Based On Your Dogs Weight

The Biologically Appropriate Raw Diet (BARF) is the closest natural diet eaten by the dogs wild ancestors. It provides vital vitamin, minerals and nutrients to keep dogs fit and healthy. With the health benefits gained […]

6 Superfoods To Feed Your Dog

Blackberries – Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals, plenty of fibre, vitamin A B6 and C, iron and magnesium. Sardines – Contains good fats and amino acids and have soft, digestible bones for extra calcium. […]