Impossible Dogs Can Be Trained!

My Chow Chow

Do you have an impossible dog that you can’t get to do even the most basic commands? Is your dog too difficult, too obsessive, too challenging, too stubborn or too hyper to train? I know how frustrating it can be to feel beyond hope of ever getting your dog to listen to you, when the dog has a mind of its own and you have no way to get their attention.

But don’t give up – even the most impossible dog can be trained!

I want to help you achieve this, and not only that, but to help learn your dog to love training.

Which Breeds Are The Most Difficult To Train?

Contrary to what many dog experts say, any breed of dog can fall into the impossible dog category. It doesn’t matter what breed the dog is, whether pedigree or mixed breed. Sure, all breeds have certain characteristics/genetics, but all dog breeds can become impossible dogs if they are in that mindset. It has been proven that no breed of dog is inherently easier to train than other breeds. Because one dog is reluctant to problem solve, for example, does not mean that dog is more or less intelligent than any other dog.

An impossible dog does not seek your approval and has no natural desire to please you. I’m not saying impossible dogs aren’t affectionate, but they would much rather do what they want to do than perform the task(s) you have asked. An impossible dog does not care if you approve of them or not.

The Steps To Success

  1.  Understanding how dogs learn
  2. Using a clicker
  3. Getting your dog to offer you good behaviours
  4. Shaping your dogs behaviour
  5. Positive Reinforcement
  6. Gaining your dogs attention
  7. Building your relationship through play
  8. Changing problem behaviours
  9. Finding time to train your dog

Over the coming weeks I will be adding all the information you need to the site. You will be able to find this by clicking on Menu>Training. Lots of content to be added!

Thank you for your support and  for your patience while I set everything up!