Choosing The Right Dog Breed For Your Lifestyle

If you are considering buying a puppy you will probably already have an idea to the breed(s) you are interested in owning. Before looking at puppy adverts it is useful to do some research of the breeds of your interest. All dogs are cute, but you need to find a breed that suits you and your family’s lifestyle.

Things you need to look at are:

🐾 The temperament of the breed as an adult dog.

🐾 The size of a fully grown adult dog of the breed.

🐾 Exercise requirements of the breed.

🐾 Health issues the breed may be prone to.

🐾 Whether the breed is easy to train.

🐾 Whether the breed is prone to behavioural issues.

🐾 Suitable home for the breed – house, flat, lots of outside ​space, small yard etc.

🐾 Nutritional requirements and feeding costs.

🐾 How sociable the breed tends to be.

🐾 If they are good with children.

🐾 If you work fulltime, can you afford to pay a dog walker ​so your dog won’t be stuck indoors all day?

🐾 Grooming requirements of the breed.

🐾 Costs of vet bills relating to the breeds size – the larger the dog the more expensive possible future treatment will be.

🐾 Overall costs of the breed (including the price of ​purchase, food, vet bills etc).

🐾 Will Your Dog Have a Specific Purpose?

The dog you choose will hopefully be a part of your life for many years to come. This is why it is important for you to make the right choice to suit you and your lifestyle, making sure the dog fits into the environment you will be able to provide. Dogs aren’t puppies for long, but they will be a loyal companion for the rest of their life if you have a human-canine bond, and not a dysfunctional relationship!