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Litter Socialisation Period

Socialisation is when a puppy is learning to interact normally with adults, children, other dogs and pets. The socialisation period begins when a puppy first startles upon hearing a sound. It usually starts around 3 […]

Adorable Boys Puppy Names

A   Addison Alden Archer Asher   B   Bailey Barkley Baxter Bay Bear Beau Benji Bentley Blade Blake Blaze Blue Buster   C   Carter Caydon Charlie Chester Chestnut Coby Colby Cooper   D […]

Adorable Girls Puppy Names

A Ada Addison Alice Allie Amber Amelie Angel Anya April Aria Astra Autumn Ava Ayla Azura B Bambi Beauty Bella Belle Betty Birdy Blair Blossom Bonnie Brenna (royal) Bridie Brodie Brooke Bunny C Callie Camryn […]

Caring For Newborn Puppies

All puppies are born before they are fully developed. Theyare born with their eyes closed until they are around 7-10 days old, theycannot hear until they are around 14 days old, shortly after which they […]

FREE Printable Puppy Birth Record

Please click the link below to download your free printable copy: FREE Printable Puppy Birth Record Alternatively you can click the download button below:

Super Stylish Dog Beds For The Modern Home

Wow! Just look at these amazing beds made not only for our special four legged friends, but to keep our homes looking stylish and clutter free. (Click on each for more details on size dimensions, […]

Pyometra – A Dog’s Medical Emergency

Pyometra can be a silent and deadly killer. It is extremely important that you can recognise the signs and symptoms as should your dog develop Pyometra, she will need an emergency operation. Pyometra is one […]

FREE Printable Breeding Puppy/Dog Sale Contract

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FREE Printable Holding Fee/Deposit Breeding Contract

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Top Quality, High Protein Dry Dog & Puppy Food – The Benefits Plus Price & Ingredients Comparison

Take a look at the ingredients listed on the food you are currently feeding your dog. The first ingredient should be meat content. Compare the ingredients with the dog foods listed here.

Dog Breed Generations Explained

There is so much ‘designer’ dog breeding nowadays and you will often see these dogs listed as F1, F2, F3 etc. The F refers to the specific generation of the cross-bred dog/puppy belongs to. Read on to find out what generation your dog/puppy is classed as…

Ultimate List Of Tips On How To Help Your Dog Cope With Fireworks/Thunderstorms And Other Loud Noises/Frightful Situations

Most dogs have suffered from a frightful event through some point in their life and loving dogs owners, such as your self, do what you can to help your stressed out pooch. Here are tips on how to help your dog get through the things they fear the most.


Unfold the Secrets of Your Dog’s DNA

Are You Curious About Your Dog’s DNA Background? Do You Want To Find Out If Your Dog Is A True Pedigree Or Mixed Breed? Need a Disease Detection Test? Good News…You Can Quickly And Easily […]

Impossible Dogs Can Be Trained!

Do you have an impossible dog that you can’t get to do even the most basic commands? Don’t give up – even the most impossible dog can be trained!

How To Safely Use Essential Oils – For Dogs

Aromatherapy works really well for dogs, just like they do with humans. Essential oils have been used for health and well being for centuries. Important: Essential oils need to be used in specific ways. For […]

How To Cut A Puppy’s Nail

For a puppy, having their nails cut can make them (and a lot of adult dogs) very anxious, especially if they sense their owner is feeling anxious. Many dog owners are worried they will cut the nail down too far, resulting in bleeding. It is best to cut your dogs nails regularly from being very young so it’s something they are always used to. Following these tips can help both you and and your puppy/dog, and results in avoiding accidents.

How To Earn Money Whilst Shopping For Your Pet Essentials

Having a pet can be costly, so being able to save money can make a massive difference to your bank balance. The best thing is, there’s no catch & it doesn’t cost a thing! What’s to lose?

Choosing The Right Dog Breed For Your Lifestyle

If you are considering buying a puppy you will probably already have an idea to the breed(s) you are interested in owning. Before looking at puppy adverts it is useful to do some research of […]