Month: March 2019

Litter Socialisation Period

Socialisation is when a puppy is learning to interact normally with adults, children, other dogs and pets. The socialisation period begins when a puppy first startles upon hearing a sound. It usually starts around 3 […]

Adorable Boys Puppy Names

A   Addison Alden Archer Asher   B   Bailey Barkley Baxter Bay Bear Beau Benji Bentley Blade Blake Blaze Blue Buster   C   Carter Caydon Charlie Chester Chestnut Coby Colby Cooper   D […]

Adorable Girls Puppy Names

A Ada Addison Alice Allie Amber Amelie Angel Anya April Aria Astra Autumn Ava Ayla Azura B Bambi Beauty Bella Belle Betty Birdy Blair Blossom Bonnie Brenna (royal) Bridie Brodie Brooke Bunny C Callie Camryn […]