If you are looking for invaluable, non-judgemental information and advice on the health and wellbeing of your dog and her puppies before, during pregnancy & the birth you have made a step in the right direction. This book is aimed at helping give you confidence to become a good breeder, give you reassurance that you will be doing all of the right things by your girl (and the breed), teaching you to be proud of your reputation as a breeder, and to show the public that good breeders like you and I are serious when it comes to health and welfare of our dogs and puppies.
Having all the information you need and being prepared for anything that could happen during any of these stages is crucially important. Before you can achieve any of this, you need to ask yourself many questions – how you would handle things if they go wrong? Is it worth it? Do you have the time and dedication for the next 4-5 months? The list can be endless, but being prepared with the knowledge and understanding covered in this book is all you will need to help you prepare. I will be with you every step of the way.
This book is also useful for new puppy owners, helping them to find the perfect, well-socialised, happy puppy, what you should expect from the breeder and how to spot the difference between a good breeder and a breeder you ideally want to avoid.

Get your copy here today for only £3.99!

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I wish you every success in breeding your girl and helping her to whelp a beautiful, healthy litter of puppies. I hope the information in this book will help you along the way. Further to this, soon I will be publishing another book on how to care for and raise your perfect litter. The book will be set out day by day, from birth to the puppies leaving to their new homes, along with a daily checklist so it is easy to reference to the age of your puppies. The book will cover everything from health, feeding and toileting to stimulating your puppies minds, helping them to cope with stressful situations, socialisation and training them to offer good behaviours, plus so much more.


Posted by J Royal

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