Considering all of these questions will help you weigh up the pros and cons of breeding so you can make a decision on whether breeding is right for you.

If you can commit to raising a litter of puppies, it can be very rewarding. Right from the start helping with the birth, and watching their little characters shape over the next 8-12 weeks is amazing.

But, raising a litter of puppies is a 24/7 job, it’s hard work and requires lots of your time, love and care. So it’s best for you know everything beforehand.

Is your dog fit and healthy?

– Is your dog in good physical condition?

– Is your dog ​suffering from any health problems?

– Do they have good temperament?

– Has your dog been health checked by your vet prior to mating?

– Are there any ​possible inherited conditions that may affect your dog’s breed?

– Is both the female and the stud dog health tested, as recommended for their breed by the kennel club?

– Have you checked whether the female and the stud dog are related?

What are the reasons why you want to breed?

– Are you wanting to breed for health?

– To keep a puppy yourself?

– Or, do you have a few ​people wanting a puppy?

– Do you really need to breed ​your dog?

– For financial reasons?

Ask yourself why this is something you want to ​do.

Are you dedicated to finding perfect, forever homes for ​your beautiful, well-bred, carefully raised puppies?

It is ​vitally important that you find the right home for your ​puppies.

Are you wanting purebred puppies?

– Is both the female and the ​stud dog Kennel Club registered?

– Will the pups be KC ​registered? Do you know the cost of registering each puppy?

– If they are purebred dogs but not registered ​with the Kennel Club, can you provide background

information of the dog’s family history?

– Can you prove the ​pups are pedigree? (e.g. DNA test)

Are you wanting cross bred/hybrid puppies? What are the ​reasons you want to cross breed?

– Have you carefully ​selected the breed you want to cross with and confirmed ​it is a suitable match for the breed of your girl? Don’t just go with the cheapest, carefully make your choice taking everything into consideration.

– Is the ​stud dog smaller/is a smaller breed than the female? (very ​important as the puppies may grow too big in the womb ​if not).

Do you have the time to dedicate to breeding?

– Do you ​work full/part time?

– Are you prepared for possible ​sleepless nights?

– Are you aware of the time you will need to ​spend with your new puppies will increase dramatically?

Do you have financial stability?

– Can you afford to pay ​for a caesarean should your girl have difficulty whelping ​the litter?

– Will you be able to afford the costs involved in ​vet bills, whelping supplies, whelping box, food, ​vaccinations, de-worming the puppies? etc

– Are you ready ​for the financial and emotional burden breeding could ​become?

Good luck!

Feel free to share your stories and photos of your litter in the comments below.

Everyone loves to see puppy pics!

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